Kronos Combis for ROLI Seaboard (Beta)

This Webmidi App lets you Quickly Setup and Build Multichannel Combi by Replicating Program from Channel:1 to Channels:2-15 for use with MPE Devices. This Works by Interprating Kronos Sysex on Channel:1 and then Echoing those Sysex to channels 2-15 (as set below) When you change a param on Channel: 1 on Kronos, all other channels should follow!. Added Mode Detection: When you switch to Program on Kronos, Routes all data from MPE to global channel To make it easier to Preview the Program.


CC Routing


  1. This App
    1. Select Roli Device Input Midi Port
    2. Select Kronos Midi Input Port (Kronos Keyboard)
    3. Select Kronos Midi Output Port (Kronos Sound)
    4. Select Number of Channels for MPE use (4 - 15
    5. Select Kronos Global Channel : Required. (useul when you want play different channels on kronos keyboard
    6. Route the Default ROLI CC MApping to Kronos AMS
    7. Select unipolar for Slide if assigning to Y axis or any parameter you want to control full range.
  2. Kronos
    1. Create a New Combi from Program
    2. Make sure Each Track is set to subsequent midi channel (1,2,3 ...15)
    3. Route the Channels 2-15 to same IFX BUS as Channel:1

  3. ROLI Dashboard
    1. Mode: Multi Channel
    2. Slide CC: 74 (Joy stick down or whatever you need)
    3. Press Mode: Channel Pressure (Aftertouch becomes Aftertouch1 per note)
    4. Midi Start Channel: 1, Midi End Channel/ Number of Channels: Same as You configured above
    5. Pitch Bend Range: 12 (Adjust this on the program on Channel 1) or use kronos default on most programs : 2.

~ Amit Talwar